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"Our company, A S Shoe Accessories Pvt. Ltd., is equipped with highly skilled professionals having more than 30-years of experience in Polyurethane Industry. ASSA Group is one of the leading manufacturers of Polyurethane System, Pigments, Lacquers, Varnish and Release Agents for Polyurethanes, shoe finishing chemicals and chemicals for leather industries. "

About us

Premium Quality

Always providing optimum quality products as per client's requirements and needs.

Timely Deliveries

Always delivering products on or before time schedule as per client's requirements.

100% Commitment

Always giving 100% commitment towards order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

Always available for resolving any technical issues or glitches remotely or at client site.

Product Range

We specialize in Polyurethane systems for various Footwear applications, namely PU DIP slippers, Open Sandals, Safety shoes, Unit Soles for Gents/ Ladies Footwear. Our systems have been designed to achieve:

  • Excellent Flexural Resistance
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Anti-Hydrolysis/ Anti-Ageing Properties
  • Excellent surface Finishes
  • Ease in Production

Green Earth - A.S. Shoe Accessories

Auxiliary Chemicals are equally important as Polyurethane system since they impact the final outcome, look and feel of the finished product. ASSA has been committed to Provide consistent and quality Auxiliaries for the past 25 years to its customers:

  • Polyurethane Colorants
  • Mould release agents

Lab Testing - A.S. Shoe Accessories

Leather Finishing Chemicals and Solid Waxes

ASSA is an agent for an Italian Companies “Industrie Chimiche Rindi S.p.A, Italy” to provide high quality Leather Finishes and Solid Waxes. Along with this we have developed our in-house products to match customer requirements. Given below details of imported and in-house products:

  • Self-Shine and Brushable Creams
  • Products for Leather Goods for Edge Coloring
  • Solid Waxes
Batch Processing - A.S. Shoe Accessories

Automatic PU Rotary Machine for PU Soles/Slippers

Introducing Automatic PU Rotary Machine for Indian Market. Economically priced with Superb Quality & Service !


  • Latest PLC Controlled Technology
  • Properly controlled Mould and Tank temperatures for quality production
  • High productivity and efficiency with minimum rejection
  • Less labour involvement and lower power consumption per unit of finished Goods
  • Technical support by Professionals having more than 20 years experience in
  • Polyurethane footwear industry
  • Easy availability of Spare Parts at economical Prices.
Reactor Kettle - A.S. Shoe Accessories


Our Team comprises of more than 25 skilled professionals looking after various departments such as Administration, Sales, Technical-R&D, and Finance fully supported by our dedicated labour force. It is because of this ‘Positively motivated Ecosystem’, that the company has earned reputation of a Focussed, Reliable, Quality Conscious Supplier.

Rakesh Kumar Rastogi

Founder & Chairman, ASSA Group

" Education: M. Tech. from HBTI, Kanpur Diploma in Project Management from Punjab University, Patiala Born to a Lower middle class family, Shri Rakesh Kumar Rastogi aspired to set up a business legacy. His prudent management skills, dedication, Hard-work, Compassion for his team and Self Sacrifice led to the establishment of ASSA Group. "

Chinmoy Bose

Managing Director, A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited.

" Education: B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunications from VSSUT ( Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology). A Highly skilled Professional of Polyurethane Industry, A great Mentor and an Excellent Friend. Joined ASSA in 1992 and since then, he has been Pioneering ASSA in the field of Polyurethanes. Serving as Managing director of A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited since 2012. "

Ashish Rastogi

Director, A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited

" Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Polymer Science and Chemical Technology Delhi College of Engineering (Now Delhi Technological University) Joined his company in 2013 after completing his graduation. Since then he has been tirelessly involved in streamlining the business operations. He played a pivotal role in establishment of the new PU manufacturing facility in Barhi and currently working as the Executive Head of the company. "