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About Us

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Company Profile

Our company, A. S. Shoe Accessories Pvt. Ltd., is equipped with highly skilled professionals having more than 30-years of experience in Polyurethane Industry. ASSA Group is one of the leading manufacturers of Polyurethane System, Pigments, Lacquers, Varnish and Release Agents for Polyurethanes, shoe finishing chemicals and chemicals for leather industries.

Under the Guidance of our Chairman Shri Rakesh Kumar Rastogi and under constant technical supervision of Shri Chinmoy Bose (Managing Director) and Ashish Rastogi(Director), the company has shown multi-fold growth, while abiding by its foremost principal of ethical business practices

Company Timeline

  • A S Shoe Accessories was established in 1989 under the leadership of Shri Rakesh Kumar Rastogi to serve the Footwear Industry with range of products such as Shoe Laces for Sport Shoes (Trademark “NYLACE”), Shoe finishing Chemicals ( Trademark “ASTOR”), and Accessory Chemicals for Polyurethane Industry, specifically Dosing Pigments, Covering Pigments, Lacquers and Varnishes, Release agent for Polyurethane System (Trademark “ASSA”).
  • In 1996, our company provided technical guidance in establishing first PU Sole Manufacturing Project in Delhi NCR.
  • From 2000 to 2012, we became Indian agent for an Italian company for providing Sales and Technical Service of PU System for Footwear in North India.
  • In 2007, ASSA started its own manufacturing of Pigments and Lacquers for PU soles and Slippers at our Plant located in Barhi Industrial Area, Sonipat, Haryana
  • From 2013-2018, we became Indian agent of a Chinese Company providing Sales and Technical Service of PU System for Footwear in North India.
  • Working for so many years in the footwear industry domain helped us gain adequate experience and technical expertise. To broaden our vision of becoming a prominent supplier in the footwear industry, in the year 2019, we established our own state of the art Ultra-Modern System House at our factory Premises located in Barhi Industrial area, District Sonipat, Haryana with installed capacity of 10000 Tonnes Per Annum of Polyurethane System for Footwear.

What do we do?

Our Company is engaged in Manufacturing of the following Products used in multiple applications.

  • PU System for DIP Slipper, Open Sandals
  • PU system for Unit soles
  • PU system for Safety Shoes
  • Polyester Polyols
  • Lamination Adhesives
  • Pigments for Closed cell, Open Cell and Integral Skin Polyurethanes
  • High shine Release agents for PU Slippers and Good finish Release for Unit Soles
Simultaneously we have our trade partners in Europe and Asia to provide an array of products to our customers, namely:
  • Shoe Finishing Chemicals from Industrie Chimiche Rindi SpA, Italy
  • Special Release Agents for PU soles from Nuova SIVAM SpA, Italy
  • Automatic PU Rotary Machine from Canmax, Turkey
We have a well-established technical team and Sales Network in North India with Well Trusted Distributor Network in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to serve our customers with full dedication.

The company has a vast experience of 20+ years and believes in constantly developing innovative solutions for all polyurethane applications. The company has thrived over the years, and lives by the saying 'Promising Quality Since 2001.'


Reasons to Believe


ASSA GROUP aims to build a self-sustaining business organisation, thriving for growth for every Individual and Company as a whole. We aim towards Technical Excellence, Product Leadership, Business Ethics and Team building.

Vision - A.S. Shoe Accessories


ASSA GROUP aims to establish itself as India’s leading supplier of polyester polyols, PU systems, and PU specialties through a solid commitment to consistent efforts towards innovation, consistency and customer intimacy.

Our mission has been to identify potential markets and cater to different market needs with our impeccable research team and equipped with the necessary machinery and subject expertise to manufacture high quality polyurethanes and polyester polyols.

Mission - A.S. Shoe Accessories

Why Choose Us?

We assure guaranteed quality, not only with our core products, but also with our product packaging, technical support, competitive pricing, and nationwide distribution network. We Assure our following commitments:

Why Us - A.S. Shoe Accessories

Quality Management Standards

We have a very efficient quality management system. Adhering to the quality code of conduct, the company ensures top notch quality of the products. We have streamlined our operations, and sourced our raw materials only from verified and trusted vendors. Each stage in the process is monitored and inspected to avoid any kind of rework. The final product is matched with the company set standards and is then rolled into the market.

Quality Management - A.S. Shoe Accessories

Having a monthly production capacity of more than 900 metric tonnes

Appropriate attention is given to the quality of raw material used, the reaction conditions, and the proportions of the reactants. The company’s monthly production capacity is 900 metric tonne. We also provide custom tailored products to our customers, according to their requirements and applications.

Manufacturing - A.S. Shoe Accessories


Our Team comprises of more than 25 skilled professionals looking after various departments such as Administration, Sales, Technical-R&D, and Finance fully supported by our dedicated labour force. It is because of this ‘Positively motivated Ecosystem’, that the company has earned reputation of a Focussed, Reliable, Quality Conscious Supplier.

Rakesh Kumar Rastogi

Founder & Chairman, ASSA Group

" Education: M. Tech. from HBTI, Kanpur Diploma in Project Management from Punjab University, Patiala Born to a Lower middle class family, Shri Rakesh Kumar Rastogi aspired to set up a business legacy. His prudent management skills, dedication, Hard-work, Compassion for his team and Self Sacrifice led to the establishment of ASSA Group. "

Chinmoy Bose

Managing Director, A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited.

" Education: B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunications from VSSUT ( Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology). A Highly skilled Professional of Polyurethane Industry, A great Mentor and an Excellent Friend. Joined ASSA in 1992 and since then, he has been Pioneering ASSA in the field of Polyurethanes. Serving as Managing director of A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited since 2012. "

Ashish Rastogi

Director, A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited

" Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Polymer Science and Chemical Technology Delhi College of Engineering (Now Delhi Technological University) Joined his company in 2013 after completing his graduation. Since then he has been tirelessly involved in streamlining the business operations. He played a pivotal role in establishment of the new PU manufacturing facility in Barhi and currently working as the Executive Head of the company. "