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Auxiliary Chemicals for Polyurethanes

Auxiliary Chemicals for Polyurethanes

Auxiliary Chemicals

Polyurethane systems for various Footwear - A S Shoe Accessories Pvt. Ltd

Auxiliary Chemicals are equally important as Polyurethane system since they impact the final outcome, look and feel of the finished product. ASSA has been committed to Provide consistent and quality Auxiliaries for the past 25 years to its customers:

  • Polyurethane Colorants
  • Mould release agents

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  • ASSA manufactures high performance Polyurethane Colorants by using Pigments and other polymeric raw materials compatible to the Polyurethanes systems for specialized PU applications like Footwear , flexible foam, Integral skin Foam.

    Our Coloring solutions are tailor made, aptly designed for fulfilling customer needs. Being System suppliers ourselves, we understand Polyurethanes and ensure that our Pigments:

    • Do not impact any physical properties of Polyurethane foam
    • Remain inert to PU Provide excellent aesthetics and color tones.
    • Grades available which Comply to REACH norms.
    • High color Consistency
    We provide various grades of coloring:

    • Low viscosity Dosing Pigments suitable for automatic PU rotary Machines
    • High viscosity Grades for Mixing in Polyols.
    • Covering Pigments for high Tinting strength Top coats/ Lacquers for PU Soles

  • A S Shoe Accessories Private Limited has been providing Release Agent in India since 1990s through collaboration with Italian Companies. We are providing the technical assistance along with local blending thereby providing flexibility to the Indian Customer requirements.

    We can offer following kind of Release Agent options:
    Conventional Solvent based Ready to Use Release Agent for desired finish, ease of use and economical.
    Water Base Release Agents

    We offer Release Agent for following applications:
    Integral Skin Foam – Glossy and Matt finish Release Agent for Steering Wheels, Arm Rest.

    Footwear – Single density, double density shoes, unit soles, slippers, Paintable, in all kinds of finish and feel. We can cater your requirements of highest gloss to matt in both Polyether and Polyester system. We ensure low mould build up for longer cleaning cycles.

      This is a solvent based product mainly designed for very high shine surface, economical and very easy to use. Packaging: 25 Ltr
    • SISTAC 100
      100% Silicone oil having very good releasing property. Mainly used as release agent for PU sole. Comsumtion is about 4 to 6% depending on the spray gun size. It is also very easily washable after release. This product is designed mainly for Polyester based Polyurethane System. Packaging: 50 Ltr
    • SISTAC 1115
      It is 100% silicone oil. Very economical product in terms of consumption ( 2.5 to 3%) with very good releasing properties. It is a dry feel releasing agent and very easily washable. Packaging: 25 Ltr
    • SISTAC WB-01
      This is a Water based product mainly designed for very high shine surface, economical and very easy to use. Low mould build-up. Packaging: 25 Ltr